A Dentist for Your Whole Family in Casper, Wyoming

Kids, teens, adults or seniors,  dental care is important for every member of your family.  Having a trusted family dentist is an excellent way to encourage everyone in your home to make their oral health a priority.  Let Jessica Wells be that dentist for your family! She can provide a full spectrum of dental care, including if you need a root canal, to help you maintain optimum oral hygiene and a flawless smile.

Dental Health for Patients of All Ages

Jessica Wells is a dentist located in Casper, serving patients there as well as the surrounding area.  She offers general dentistry services with a friendly atmosphere. Dr. Wells  is supportive of her patients’ needs and addresses any concerns to make each family member feel confident in her work. She is kind and encouraging, making patients comfortable while they are in the dental chair. Let us ensure your entire dental experience in Casper, WY is great, from start to finish.


Dental Examinations

If you are a new patient at our office, Dr. Wells will recommend a full-mouth dental check-up. Sometimes, a simple oral exam is not enough to visualize dental problems; in such a case, she will perform a dental x-ray to see whether there are any cavities or issues with your teeth or the surrounding tissue. Dental x-rays are helpful for spotting and treating dental problems early in their development to save you money and unnecessary discomfort.

General Dentistry

Dr. Wells cares about you and your family and wants to help you stay on top of your schedule to get proper dental care. From regular checkups, twice-yearly cleanings, teeth whitening, fillings, crowns to root canal treatment, she aims to provide a positive dental experience for you and your family in Casper, WY.

Straighten your teeth without traditional braces! We now offer Invisalign!


Preventative Dentistry

Jessica Wells DDS is focused on preventing dental issues before they cause any pain or discomfort or affect the rest of your body. Good oral care follows three steps: brushing, flossing, and regular dental appointments for cleanings and checkups. To maintain good oral health for your overall vitality and well-being, schedule an appointment today. Let us take care of your teeth to help you avoid cavities, gum disease, enamel wear & more.

Your dental health is important to us. Contact us at 307-237-8435. with questions or concerns about your own dental health or that of a loved one.

Dr. Jessica Wells